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Hi Friend, welcome to Sellowa- Sell Out Walking Around- Supply Chain System


Whole sale distributor application for managing inventory, door to door billing through mobile based application, tracking movement of sales person, billing and van stock, maintain stock book online.


Best application for manufacturers to optimise stock movement from manufacturing units to distributors, track stock in transit, way bill and VAT bill generation, stock correction and delivery tracking.


Cost effective and easy to use billing and inventory software solution for Textiles, Jewellery, Super Markets, food shops or any retail store and different small and mid-sized Business.

What is Sellowa ?

Sellowa is a business to business cum business to customer application for manufactures, distributors and retailers. It uses the latest technology empowering managers, delivery person and end customer to work hand in hand easily and optimally.

Coordination among manufacturer, whole sale distributors and retailer is a nightmare when it comes to effective production planning, supply chain management, delivery to end customer, billing, payment collection and so on. Sellowa can help you bridging the gap among these players and optimise the business to win-win situation for each player.

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Sellowa enables real time monitoring of sales agents, billing collection alerts and live stock tracing. These help the business to reduce misuses and malpractices.

Easy Monitoring

Shop manager can monitor the sales agent through the data sent by mobile app carried by sales agent. This would help the manager to optimise time and route followed by sales person and bring in more value to business.

Bill Collection Alerts

Sellowa will alert the shop manager as soon as the sales agent generates a bill to customer. Manager can track the collection on the fly and provide guidance to sales person to bring more business. Also, less chance of misuses and malpractices.

Live Stock Tracking

Stock in system will be updated when sales person on the field deliver products to end customer. Manager can plan purchase orders based on stock movement such that stock level is optimum and dead stock is zero.

Purchase Order (PO)

Sellowa is equipped with a handy purchase order module which helps in generation of POs against suppliers, PO status updation, tracking item delivery against POs, billing, etc. User can specify item details, Freight Charges, Transportation Charges, Payment Terms, Mode Of Dispatch and list of documents needed etc.


Sellowa is ready with accounting module to maintain financial transactions of the organization. Essential accounting features like payments and receipts, voucher creation, cash and bank transactions, amount transfers, loan creation and reports like Cash In Hand, Transaction reports, Day Book generation, P&L, balance sheet etc are available.

GST Complaint

Billing and filing return to GST network is quite easy through sellowa. Organizations can define tax rates while adding items and sellowa will provide bills specifying GSTIN number of the organization with tax separately for CGST and SGST. Sellowa generates files in prescribed format defined by GSTN which user can download and upload to GSTN or automatically through sellowa.

Maintain your customer details for more business in future.

Retaining customer contact details and location are important to analyse business trends and stratagising sales with customer friendly offers. Sellowa provides means to keep your business critical data and generate analytic information to improve business.

Sellowa can generate print out of customer bills at the time of billing at customer premises. Data gathered during billing will be used for generating VAT bill for Sales Tax submission in standard form prescribed by tax department.

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