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ROI of Sellowa

Return on investment !

What is the return on investment of your billing system? Despite contradictory results and findings on the advantages and disadvantages of Sellowa, the major concern of distributors, manufacturers and retailers is whether all that trouble of implementing a billing system, has really been worth it ?

Short term loss to get long-term benefits !

If expecting billing system to be a silver bullet is absurd, jumping at shadows is even more so! The best approach towards working with billing system is taking the middle-ground. SMEs that have managed to get the best out of their systems are the ones who’ve methodically streamlined their work-flow and increased revenue using billing software.

There are several parameters to be considered in order to calculate the ROI of your billing system. The most effective way is to compare following constraints and financial performances.


Overhead Savings

Sellowa uses state of the art technology that can dramatically streamline billing and and shorten the revenue collection cycle. Sellowa delivers simplified and faster billing work processes, improved client service and reduced overhead expenses, which ultimately results in appreciable cost savings and a substantial return on investment.

Staff Savings

Sellowa introduces user friendly and easy to use applications and requires very less turn around time for sales staffs to learn the system. This way Sellowa eliminates the need of dedicated billing person in check out counters. Being cloud based service, organizations do not have to maintain the system which leads to saving in system maintenance staff.

Space Savings

Data handled by Sellowa would be stored in digital technology and one of the most visible benefits is a reduced need for physical on-site and off-site storage space for paper files. Filing cabinets and boxes are no longer necessary once the system is implemented. Organizations will also save on retrieval time afforded by the instant access to digital records.

Printing Cost Savings

Print outs generated by Sellowa at the billing counter is on 2 inch paper through blue-tooth printer using thermal printing technology. Data printed will be fitted on paper area such that paper usage is optimized. Billing and inventory data are electronically stored and do not require print outs unless needed for governance compliance purpose. This saves a lot over time.

Reduction in Data Entry

Sellowa is very user friendly and billing is performed with minimal data entry from the user end. This reduces the risk of wrong data entry and saves time at check out counter. VAT bill will be generated from the bill data on prescribed bill format without further inputs from user. This helps in generating accurate bill with less user intervention.

On-Site Storage Reduction

Inventory reports in Sellowa provides item wise stock reports, out of stock report, top moving products, non-selling items, slow moving items etc with which store manager can organize inventory such that on-site stock is optimal for maximum yield. Given the real estate cost in cities, saving on storage reduction on long term will be a huge saving for organizations.

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