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Web Application

Managers or owner of the shop viz distributor or retailer would be using the web based application of Sellowa. Primarily web application will help the user to create various shops (movable like van sales or permanent location), add items and stocks to each shops, get billing details, customer details and inventory reports. Web application would store data in a cloud environment and synced with mobile application used in shops. Items details, inventory data would flow from web application to mobile app. Data pertaining to user during billing and payment collection, customer details etc would flow from mobile devices to cloud server.

Reports and analytics would be accessible from web application and business owners can take decisions based on the data captured on server. Web application would form the heart of the system and it will give full control of business to the owner.

Mobile Application

Sellowa mobile application would be carried by the sales persons in store or Van sale executive or collection boy of the distributor or retailer. Mobile app will have item and pricing assigned to shop configured in it which is synced from server.

User will log in to mobile application with the credentials provided by manager. User can select the items chosen by customer and perform billing. Bill print outs would be generated which can be given customer. Bill details will be synced to server and manager will have complete information on the billing happening on different stores under him.

Mobile application empowers the sales person to move from one location to other and perform hassle free billing.


Configure Admin Application

Log in to user log in section of web application and do all the configurations needed to set up the system. Manager can upload item details, customer details, bill settings for printing bills from mobile application, bill settings for VAT bill generation etc would constitute admin side settings.

Install Mobile Application

Install Sellowa mobile application from google play store and sync data from server. Customer details, item details, due details etc would be downloaded from and make it ready for billing.

Any update in mobile app will be prompted by device and user can choose to install the updates.

Log in and Start Billing

User can perform billing through mobile application or web application as desired by the user. Once logged in, user can choose the items to be billed with quantity. Once all the items are added, user can view the cart with selected items. Any time user can perform billing during item section and billing may be done against a customer or a cash payment (without mentioning customer).

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