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Sellowa- High-Tech Billing Solution

Bill from any location...any desk...anywhere

Sellowa introduces state of the art billing and payment collection system empowering business houses to perform billing from anywhere viz sales man can move around the shop or customer location and carry out billing from any desk unlike conventional dedicated billing counter. Collection details, stock updation, credit details, sales trend etc can be monitored by sales or inventory manager on the fly.


Manage Multiple Stores

Sellowa billing solution is a web-based, easy-to-use software that allows to monitor shop-wise purchase, Inventory, sales, credits and profits etc. from a central location. Completely scalable to meet needs of the retailer, clear visibility to management and empower control on outlet operations.

Stock Analytics

Sellowa helps you to be aware of accurate stock position - for all outlets & also individual ones. Use your complete shop space to stock products in racks, shelves and track fast moving & clear out the non-moving ones, wastage and release the blocked products. Analytic reports in Sellowa helps you to effectively manage your stock.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Sellowa is zero maintenance billing software and user friendly even to computer illiterate users. Data is stored on cloud server and no daily back up or server maintenance needed by customer unlike the conventional systems. Your shop can save expense on costly computers and printers by using Android devices and bluetooth printers.

Smart Reports

Utilize data and reports those can be accessed from laptops and smart phones as well to make informed decisions on business. Store managers can view Sales for any period, sales-returns, product margins, billing info and deliveries, top customers and more Inventory analysis reports such as dead stock report, wastage, fast moving products, slow moving products, etc helps optimising stock.

Cloud POS

Sellowa is a mobile as well as Web based point of sale software. Data like customer details, item, billing, payment etc would be stored on a cloud server safely and transacted on the internet. You can Scale up your retail and distribution business easily. Sellowa can perform billing in off-line mode when you are disconnected from internet. Data would get synced when your connection is restored.

Pre-Order and Pick list

Sales users can create pre-orders for future delivery to customer through sellowa mobile application. This helps distributor in procuring items, manufacturer in planning production and delivery. Pick list app will help shop floor supervisors to view pick list and pac the items for shipping to distributor or retailer.

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